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As we would like to improve the development of our firm Metal Product and to find new business partners, let us introduce ourselves and inform you on what we do and have been doing.

METAL PRODUCT is a private company; it was founded in 1967 and today employs 120 people.

In the 6000 square metres of production halls and offices, using modern technology we manufacture and develop:

  • cable joint accessories for low, medium and high voltage
  • equipment for insulated and non-insulated overhead networks
  • casting of non-ferrous metals into permanent moulds and sand
    iron and aluminium structures

In addition to permanent staff training, investments in IT equipment, use of CNC technology in manufacturing and application of modern measuring instruments make us a reliable partner for speedy and high quality delivery of base production programme products and for cooperation in developing new products and services. A team made up of different profiles of highly educated experts in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and economics is a guarantee to success in business and development. All design development department products are made using CAD/CAM technology, which guarantees compatibility and success in the global business market. In addition to the above, new products development includes the ability to make tools and provide services for production needs and external customers:

  • permanent moulds and high pressure die casting tools
  • sheet metal fabrication tools
  • njection moulding press tools and devices
  • CNC machining and eroding
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