About Us

CRO-TEAM consists of the union of a group of companies manufacturing and construction, whose activity consists in exporting their products and services. Part of the CRO-TEAM group are two specialized construction company with many years experience. Currently partner companies CRO-TEAM employed about two thousand workers. Scope of CRO-TEAM is divided into two categories. Firstly, CRO-TEAM serves as a liaison between the Croatian and Albanian companies, as well as other companies in the region. CRO-TEAM aims to establish cooperative relations between these companies in the field of production or delivery of their services, offering even if the opening of factories in Albania through cooperation with local partners, the implementation of various technologies and exchange of knowledge more year.

Secondly CRO-TEAM’s staff is also, specialized in organizing fairs and seminars, it carried out in collaboration with our partner Click Expo Group. We undertake the above organization of events for different companies, interested in our consultancy in this regard.

CRO-TEAM welcomes any company, which enjoys the desire and interest to be introduced in Albanian and regional market. Candidates can contact us through the contact us our website.

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