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VIADUKT is a joint-stock construction company, founded in 1947. Since then, generations of employees dedicated to the constant discovering of new possibilities and overcoming the usual have been developing the company spirit – the most distinctive feature of our company today.

That spirit is characterized by freedom of thought, creativity, innovation and resisting stagnation, and it may be the best literary translation of the word “engineer” into the Croatian language, because to be an engineer means to be ingenious.

Ingenious solutions in all aspects of living and working are what defines VIADUKT, what we are proud of and therefore foster.

The construction business is a “divine” field of work, where people, so small and insignificant, face the magnitude and force of nature and manage to come up with the most ingenious ways to penetrate a mountain, bridge a valley or build a bridge over a river – that is, to realize the boldest human ideas.

When that way of thinking intertwines with technological progress and progress in general over a 60-year period, the result is VIADUKT as it is today.

And the VIADUKT of today is a modern company organized as a joint-stock company and one of the leading construction companies in the Republic of Croatia.

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